1x Pathfinders Founder's Token (Est. value $80)


1x Legendary Character or Weapon (Est. value $20)


1x Legendary Character or Weapon (Est. value $20)


Total Entries:

Pathfinders Beta Celebration Giveaway

To celebrate the successful launch of the Pathfinders closed beta test, InFocus Games is giving away some Pathfinders erc1155 assets! One lucky winner will receive a Pathfinders Founder's Token (PFT), allowing them instant access to the Pathfinders closed beta and perpetual rewards and perks for as long as they hold it in their wallet!  Two runner-ups will receive their choice of either 1 Legendary Character asset (selectable) or 1 Legendary Weapon asset (selectable).  Come celebrate with us as we grow an awesome community and embark on our Pathfinders journey!
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