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Revenge of the Dodos Kickstarter Giveaway!

Welcome to the Beasts: Edge of Extinction - Revenge of the Dodos Expansion Giveaway!

Enter to win both a copy of Beasts: Edge of Extinction and the upcoming Revenge of the Dodos expansion, On Kickstarter now through March 29!

Beasts: Edge of Extinction is a "take that" style game where up to 6 players assume the role of an ancient predatory beast fighting for survival in a chaotic world. Each game, players face an onslaught of catastrophic events, opposing players, and even a perpetually persistent T-Rex hungrily in pursuit of his next meal…you!

In Revenge of the Dodos, eliminated players now control a bevy of dodo spirits, each imbued with a unique special ability. It’s all or nothing, as you seek vengeance on the vile beasts ravaging dodo kind.

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