Uncut Sheet + Sketch Card Playse ($180)

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Sketch Card Playset ($80)

Paul Raphael

Sketch Card Playset ($80)

Dustin Kendall

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Uncut Sheet + Sketch Card Giveaway

Whether you're brand new to Exodus or are a seasoned Drifter, we're about to spice up your gaming collection 🔥 A foil uncut sheet of choice (from any released Exodus TCG set) will go to one lucky winner, along with a playset (x2) of every *Limited Edition sketch card of 2019! But we're not stopping theretwo runner-up winners will also get their own playset of these fine sketch cards!

┅┅ ♛ ┅┅

*Limited Edition sketch cards are each printed in quantities of only 100, and don't ever get reprinted. They're also 100% tournament legal, as there's no ban list in Exodus the Trading Card Game, so you can show them off in your competitive decks or card binders!

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