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WAX-MAS Door 23: NFT Battle Miners

WAX-MAS door twentythree proudly presents: NFT Battle Miners

This year has been a wild ride for the NFT metaverse, blockchain and gaming industry. Plenty of projects have sprung up, some seeing meteoric rise, and others not quite holding ground. Our team has been observing many interesting projects and have been able to gather the best and most interesting aspects to incorporate into our project as well as looking into avoiding potential pitfalls. By combining the perks we found coupled with problem solving approach in mind, leaving out mundane aspects of gameplay and adding the creative ideas of our gaming team, we are proud to present to you, our “NFT Battle Miners” project.


  • 10x Active card Mining pack
  • 20x Card piece

Participation Rules:

  • must enter a valid wax address to be eligable to win
  • no multi accounting allowed 
  • must own one NFT from any of the participating collections on the WAX-MAS Calendar

More Info:

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