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Safeswap FREE airdrop

SafeSwap Online™ is a decentralized trading protocol that allows different types of cryptocurrencies to be swapped. The SafeSwap protocol is a secured and Smart Contract based application that interacts directly with metamask, trustwallet or several other third-party wallets.

With a strong belief in privacy and freedom there was a need for a low-entry and self-listing swapping protocol that would protect the users and help them achieve their interests. Our Team believe we have met that need.

We are aiming for 3500 wallet holders in order to have a proper spread. In order for participants to receive 1 of a million SWAP Tokens 3500 participants will have the ability to collect 1 token. There will be a lucky draw to 5 wallet holders that will receive an additional 25 SWAP Tokens.

A least 4 points needed to get the Airdrop.
A least 6 points needed to enter the lucky draw.

All tokens will come directly from the founder wallet

Valid until 22/08/2021

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The airdrop amount will be divided over the total amount of contestants that participate in the SWAP Token Airdrop. There is no limit to users that sign up everyone that has received 4 points will be eligible for a part of the airdrop.

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