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Mun Blockchain x AS SOLANA

Mun Blockchain x AS SOLANA   Airdrop

Together with Mun Blockchain, we are giving away ∼ Massive 25,000 $MUM Tokens😱😱

“Mun Blockchain is w new Blockchain with a real-world use case,
disrupting the remittence market.”

Top Users

🔵 Top 1 user will get 1000 $MUN Token
🔵 Top 2-3 User will get 500 $MUN Tokens each
🔵 Top 4-10 user will get 300 $MUN Token Each 

                                                             🔵 RANDOM 100 USER WILL GET 49 $MUN TOKEN EACH

                                                             🔵TOP 10-20 USERS WILL GET 200 $MUN TOKEN EACH 

                                                             🔵 FCFS 300 USERS WILL GET 50 $MUN TOKEN EACH 


How To Get MUN Wallet Address? 

Download Yendax Browser & Add Keplr Extension, Connect your keplr wallet browser extension on that website & get MUN Address 👇



Keplr Extension:-

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