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WAX-MAS Door 11: Taco

WAX-MAS door eleven proudly presents: Taco

This is the first big door of the WAX-MAS calendar with a prize pool of 1400WAX+ and 19 winners!

Taco is a multi-purpose project living on WAX blockchain. The aim of the project is giving rewards to Taco community on their daily WAX blockchain operations. This is done integrating Taco with different dApps using the Taco mobile app.

Rewards are given in form of TACO, a token built exactly for this purpose. The project has its own NFT collection. These NFTs gives benefits to the holder, including weekly TACO airdrops, whitelisted drops and new feature unlocks. TACO token has different purposes: unlocks app features (Taco tools), gives access to lottery, shop and will be the main coin for the future “Taco Universe”. Taco Mobile App is the heart of Taco project. It's a multi-account native mobile app designed for iOS and Android. The app is currently in beta.


  • 10x  Taco Lottery Ticket (22 WAX each)
  • 3x Colonize Mars Sauce (150 WAX each)
  • 3x Coin Pirates Sauce (100 WAX each)
  • 3x Atomichub Sauce (150 WAX each)

Participation Rules:

  • must enter a valid wax address to be eligable to win
  • no multi accounting allowed 
  • must own one NFT from any of the participating collections on the WAX-MAS Calendar

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