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WAX-MAS Door 12: Weedborn County

WAX-MAS door twelve proudly presents: Weedborn County

Weedborn County is the result of the work of a group focused on two primary objectives. 

The first is to try to connect the metaverse with the real world through a game in which each player can, in the first phase of the game, grow their own plants and collect their own fantastic flowers and then sell them in exchange for the game token listed on alcor exchange. 

From the second phase of the game onwards, each player will be able to implement their own profits by managing their own structures on their land, for the production of multiple products up to helping real companies in the development and sale of their products, taking a part of the profit. 

Every company we work with will have our certificate of authenticity and all the information will be provided to make each product traceable. We do this as a matter of transparency, but more importantly to make the WAX Blockchain a greener and safer place. This is a goal that is pursued by the only collections we consider trustworthy.


  • 1x Big Winner  (all 36 Stickers for full whitelisting!)
  • 50x Small Winner (5 Stickers each)

Participation Rules:

  • must enter a valid wax address to be eligable to win
  • must enter the weedborn country discord
  • no multi accounting allowed 
  • must own one NFT from any of the participating collections on the WAX-MAS Calendar

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