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Welcome to cryptocannabis!


📢 📢  Project CryptoCannabis has one of the largest NFT ecosystems in the crypto world, based on the Hive Engine and backed by Hive Coin, CryptoCannabis behind a totally innovative NFT game.

💰 Oracle to eliminate barrier to entry

🔒 Contract with audit certificate on Game Launchpad

📦 Marketplace with Rent, Buy/Sell and GIFT System

🌱 NFT: +400 different cannabis genetics to grow

🌱 NFT: +50 different cultivation equipment (ventilation, fertilizers, grows, lighting)

📊 NPCS: Contract system with Pharmacies, Markets, or neighborhood users (you sell your cannabis to the Cannabis City crowd)

Pre-sale start: 06:00 PM UTC, 05 December 2021

📢 📢 Whitelist dedicated to community users who are active in the CryptoCannabis project. Participants will be able to earn CryptoCannabis (CAN) tokens as long as perform the proposed tasks.

📣 📣 📣 There will be 3 awards, for 3 different groups.📣 📣 📣

✅  Whitelist winners will have a 10-minute advantage at the pre-sale opening.

✅ 100 random participants will be drawn, these participants will receive a total of 100 CAN.

✅ The TOP 100 on the rank, will be chosen to win an NFT seed box.

✅ At the end of the whitelist, the 100 winners will receive 100 CAN, to avoid eviction, there will be a vesting period of 10% per day.

✅ At GameLaunch the winners won a box of NFT seeds.

To participate, just perform the tasks below, each task is worth points. The user who accumulates the most points will be able to participate in the competition to win an NFT box. For the other 2 competitions, the user simply completes the tasks below.

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