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36 Days
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Become a Star Citizen!

Start your adventure today and launch into the Persistent Universe with your Aurora MR. Snagging this pack also lets you experience a taste of intense dogfighting and FPS action with two distinct multiplayer game modes: Arena Commander and Star Marine.


  • Starting Money: 1,000 UEC
  • Star Citizen Digital Download
  • 3 Month Insurance
  • Self-Land Hangar

Rolling Giveaway:

Every 30 subscribers I will be drawing a lucky winner on the spot!

This giveaway doesn't have an actual end date!

Secret codes:

In order to earn the secret codes you have to watch the stream. They will randomly pop on screen until the end of the stream.

The secret codes will be valid until the end of the stream. You can enter a secret code each 24 hours.

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