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Nominate Nixie Pixel to Host the NEW G4TV

 Nixie Explains more in the Video Above! ☝️

Help Nixie Pixel gain a place on the G4TV team by letting them know you think she is a great fit to host! 
 If you want to help Nixie, please follow the steps below.  This is not a giveaway, just a way to spread the word. 
A great thank you to everybody who takes the time to help out, Nixie greatly appreciates it!


If you don't want to sign up, instead follow the links below. 
- Re-Tweet &Heart Nixie's Audition Tweet here.
- Check out Nixie's Reddit Audition here.

2 Ways to Enter
Retweet and 💙Like her Audition Tweet
Check out Nixie's Reddit Audition