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MechaChain is a 3D play-to-earn video game about robot combat and space conquest. Each robot, called “Mecha”, is a collection of NFT composed of robot parts, which can be purchased online with the game cryptocurrency called Mechanium, Ethereum, or by card. These parts once assembled give birth to a robot in a PvP fighting video game.

The player earns Mechanium by winning battles, and can trade and buy new parts to become the best MechaChain pilot.

Token Details

Token Symbol : MECHA

Total Supply : 100,000,000

Initial Market Cap : $2,000,000

Token Type : Polygon

Token Decimals : 18

Contract Address : TBA

Token with Tax : No

Token Price at Public : $0.7

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End Date : March 28th, 2022

Distribution Date : April 27th, 2022

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