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15,000 TOYO For 5,000 Winners



Toyos were created by Westan Nakatoshi in 2140 as a sentient toy that could play and fight for humans. It was a global success and Toyos became part of everybody’s life. Decades later, one day, the sky went dark and rage dominated all the regions. The greed of Humanity turned something good into something sinister. A war started. Now, it’s in your hands. Toyos are counting on you to reactivate their Heart-Bond module, bring their purpose back, and together, have a second chance to save and rebuild their world - at the same time, getting rewards with our play-to-earn mechanics

Token Details

Token Sale Platform :

Token Symbol : TOYO

Total Supply : 150,000,000

Initial Market Cap : $663,750 

Token Type : Polygon

Contract Address : TBA

Token with Tax : 

Token Price at Public : $0.3

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End Date : 9 April 2022

Distribution Date : 9 May 2022

Total Reward:

15,000 TOYO For 5,000 Winners ( 3 TOYO For Each Winner)

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