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Niimfer World NFT Pre-Sale II Whitelist Event!

🎉HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Nimmfer Lovers!🎉

Here comes the 2nd Pre-sale Whitelist Event!!!


📌 WHEN: 31 DEC 2021(10:00 UTC) - 9 JAN 2022(10:00 UTC)

📌 WIN WHAT: Niimfer World NFT Pre-sale spots (Announce on 10 JAN 2022 10:00UTC)

📌 HOW MANY SLOTS: 700 Slots 

📌RULES: First 400 slots received Highest point + 300 slots raffle

📌 HOW MANY NFTs In Total: 10,000 Pieces

📌 NIIMFER NFT PRICE: 1 Niimfer NFT = 0.1 BNB

📌 ALLOCATION: Max 20 NFTs/Wallet


Must obtain 85 points or above to be eligible!

🔓 Over 50,000 Entries UNLOCKED!! 🔓

2 Free Niimfer NFTs for 20 BSC wallets


🔥 Over 150,000 Entries will unlock🔥

100NIMF Tokens for 100 BSC wallets


🔥 Over 350,000 Entries will unlock🔥

PVE Beta first play for 20 BSC wallets


🔥 Over 700,000 Entries will unlock🔥

NIMF IDO Whitelist position for 20 BSC Wallets!

~MORE! Buy up to a certain amount of NFTs and get BONUS!~

(This reward is NOT a cumulative reward)

🎁  8~15 Niimfer NFTs,  receive 1 Free Niimfer NFT🎁

🎁  16~19 Niimfer NFTs, receive 2 Free Niimfer NFT🎁

🎁  20 Niimfer NFTs, receive 3 Free Niimfer NFT + 600 NIMF Token🎁

Ways to Enter (Mandatory 70 Points)

1.    Submit your BSC wallet address (10 points)

2.    Follow NIIMFERWORLD Telegram Group (20 points)

3.     Join NIIMFERWORLD Discord Server (20 points)

4.    Follow NIIMFERWORLD on Twitter (10 points)

5.    Provide your Email address (10 points)

Increase Your Chances of winning(Extra 30 Points)

6.    Tweet This event on Twitter and Tag 3 Friends (15 points)

7.    Share This event on Facebook and Tag 3 Friends (15 points)


NOTICE:  The following conditions will automatically be considered as "invalid entries"

  1. If the Mandatory information summited were incomplete.
  2. Provide none BSC wallet address or missing digits.
  3. Unreachable emails, incorrect format.
  4. BOT entries.

Any Questions Please talk to us!

Discord HERE | Telegram HERE | Facebook HERE

Niimfer World Website HERE


7 Ways to Enter
Please Enter your BSC Wallet (Only accept BSC Wallet, missing digits or not BSC wallet, will be considered as an invalid entry)
Please join our Telegram Channel
Please join our Discord Channel
Please follow our Twitter Account
Please write down your valid email address(Incorrect email format will not be considered as a valid entry)
(EXTRA POINTs) Tweet this on Twitter and Tag 3 Friends
(EXTRA POINTs)Share on Facebook and Tag 3 Friends