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Mundis Referral Program

ūü§Ě¬†Friends¬†for¬†the Multiverse

ūüĎęDon‚Äôt hide the Multiverse from your friends!¬†It‚Äôs time they found out¬†about it. Send them an invite code and get¬†a sweet Agent role¬†and future mainnet¬†token rewards¬†if they join our Discord server.¬†¬†

ūüéĀ¬†Awards¬†(apply only with Discord)

       - Receive an Agent role for 1 entry (1 referred friend)  

       - Receive a Vector role for 10 entries (10 referred friends) 
·       Agent and Vector roles are whitelisted for future referral campaigns by gaining access to the restricted Referral Channel  
·       For each entry, you get listed for a $1 reward worth of our future mainnet tokens, capped at $2000. First come first served rule applies 
·       We will announce the end of the campaign on all our public channels, upon reaching the campaign cap.  
·       A list with all the winners and their allocated mainnet tokens will be published on all public channels. The tokens can only be obtained if the winner is still within the community at the time of allocation. 

Role: Agent         
Rank: 1
Attribution: Automatic after 1 referral entries 
Permission: Access to Referral Program channel 

Role: Vector         
Rank: 2
Attribution: Automatic after 10 referral entries 

* Future mainnet Token disclaimer

Involvement in our programs and campaigns will be sometimes rewarded with future mainnet tokens. We plan to launch the mainnet in Q4 of 2022. Until then, we will keep an internal registry of users who participated in our campaigns and their rewards, which will be distributed once the mainnet is live.

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