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Welcome to the Brave Frontier Heroes Giveaway! We are giving away 20 Shiny Swords to 20 Lucky Participants!

The world-known RPG Brave Frontier launched today on the Ethereum network and the first heroes sale will take place at 13:00 UTC.

Brave Frontier Heroes combines the IP and creative of the original BRAVE FRONTIER game that counts over 38 Million downloads with the proven successful system and economy of MyCryptoHeroes.

While there are in-game purchases, such as the first units sale, the game itself is free to play and anyone can start an amazing journey in this incredible and highly strategical fantasy world.

Prizes Distribution:

  • The top 10 with the most points will get 1 Shiny Sword.
  • 10 Randomly selected users who complete 8 Steps or more!

How to get more points:

Visit daily website through the daily button and receive extra points.

Play Brave Frontier daily by clicking the button.

Invite your friends (cap at 20)

Winners will be announced in theĀ telegram community a week after the giveaway ends.

You must complete 8 steps or more to become eligible. (except invite feature)

By participating you agree to receive emails from BFH and - Don't worry we won't spam you.

10 Ways to Enter
Play Brave Frontier Heroes
Type your Player ID - Click the person icon located in the top right corner
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