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Coin Helper Token Airdrop Stage #1 💰

Giant Prize Sharing from Coin Helper Token Has Started!  🔥

Total Amount of CHT to be Distributed: 9.000.000 CHT 💰

Total Distributed CHT(USD):  $72,000 💵

⏰ Start Airdrop Time: 18.04.2020

⏰ End Airdrop Time: 18.05.2020

⏰ Distribution date of awards: 20.05.2022

🔽 Complete the Missions Below to Earn 1000 CHTs 🔽

  • Joining Coin Helper Token Telegram Channel and Group,
  • Following Coin Helper Token Twitter Page,
  • Retweet the Pinned Tweet on the Coin Helper Token Twitter Page,
  • Like Pinned Tweet on Coin Helper Token Twitter Page

Rewards will not be sent to people who complete the tasks and leave the interaction before the airdrop date.  Those who complete the tasks before the end of the airdrop will be checked one by one.

9 Ways to Enter
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Join Coin Helper Token Telegram Channel
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Join Coin Helper Token Telegram Group
Visit Website/URL
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Binance Smart Chain BNB Wallet Address (Metamask, TrustWallet)
Arkadaşını Davet Et 125 CHT Kazan
Visit Whitelist Website URL

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