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AIRDROP $2500 / 70,000 CHER for 1,000 Winners

AIRDROP $2500 / 70,000 CHER for 1,000 Winners ( 70 CHER Each )


Cherry is a layer-one blockchain infrastructure bridging smart contracts and distributed file storage. Build dynamic decentralized applications able to natively read and write data to IPFS, trustlessly.Built on Substrate, it implements state of the art cryptographic standards to provide for second layer scalability (zkSNARKs), and features a node-level IPFS integration that allows the Cherry Virtual Machine to natively interface with an indexed queryable data storage and referencing facility

Token Details

Round : Public

Token Symbol : CHER

Total Supply : 600,000,000 CHER

Initial Market Cap : Looking at $300,000

Token Type : BSC

Token Decimals : 18

Contract Address : 0x8f36cc333f55b09bb71091409a3d7ade399e3b1c

Token Public Price : $0.036

Token with Tax : No

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Pitchdeck : Pitchdeck

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