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PolyDough Collaborative NFT Giveaway

We are excited to announce that we did an NFT Collab with Hashlips and now we are giving away one of the two Collab NFT's for FREE.

There is a limited supply of this NFT: A total of 10,000 will ever be created. You can get it by finishing the steps in this giveaway!

Hashlips has the other Collab NFT you can get by staking their $SLIPS (Safelips) LP on on their farm. That is a RARE NFT and only 5,000 will ever be minted. 

Farm link:

At PolyDough, we are trying to build a community around our meme.. of a meme, and we would love to have your company. There's loads going on in the background, and we've been hard at work!

Anyone that completes All of these tasks will receive the NFT!!! The locked way to enter is where you will enter your address once you've finished the first 5 steps! We will batch send the NFTs once the giveaway ends!

6 Ways to Enter
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Follow Hashlips on Twitter
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Join Hashlips/Safelips on Telegram
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