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🎄 WAX-MAS Door #21 : Promo Planet!🦆🐰

The 2021 WAX-MAS Calendar Door 21 is now open! Promo Planet's Heroes and Villains are coming out for the holidays! Thanks to Digital Ducks! 🎄🎁

🏆 Prizes 

🐰 What is Promo Planet?

Promo Planet is a hub for both NFT gamers & collectors 🎮🖼️
looking for NFT drops and giveaways across all blockchains! 👀❤️

🙋 FAQ?

How to participate? 😄
Simply provide your WAX address below! 

How do I get a WAX address? 
Signup with Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. Here

Prizes will be announced  on + Twitter + Discord & airdropped  Thursday 12/23/2021 at 19:00pm UTC 

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