1st Place Prize (52.5mill SB Coins / $66USD / 1Bill. Discord Role :))


2nd Place Prize (30mill SB Coins / $33.5USD)

yes y.

3rd Place Prize (10mill SB Coins)

Aurora Rpg

4th Place Prize (3mill SB Coins)

Oliver Schwan

5th Place Prize (3mill SB Coins)

edder man

Total Entries:

Hypixel SB Giveaway [Hosted by Dragon's Den]

First Prize🥇 1 Year MVP++, Superior Dragon Armor, AOTD, Runaan Bow, @Prestigious
Second Prize🥈 Lifetime MVP+, Wise Dragon Armor, Scorpion Bow
Third Prize🥉 Strong Dragon Armor, Leaping Sword, $1M Coins
Fourth Prize🏆 Revenant Armor, Mending Wand, Radiant Orb
Fifth Prize🏆 Tarantula Armor, Mending Wand, Radiant Orb

(Thanks to SporkSlinger, CaptanCrunch & Dragon’s Den Staff for Supplying all Items)

16 Ways to Enter
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