Elgato Bundle (White Streamdeck+ & Coloured Dials Bundle)


Displates (4 Echo Displates)


Secretlab Chair (Secret Lab Titan Horde Edition)


Starforge Systems PC (Horizon II Ultra)


Echo Merch Bundle (Echo Jersey, T-shirt and RWF Hoodie)


Total Entries:

Echo's Race to World First Giveaway

Join #TeamEcho in the Race to World First: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible and enter our giveaway for a chance  to win one of these awesome prizes!

In collaboration with our incredible partners - Secretlab, Displate, Elgato, Curseforge,  Starforge, Red Bull, European Speedrunner Assembly, Gains for Gamers, Fractal, U.GG and Twitch - we present our Race to World First giveaway for the second raid tier of Dragonflight. 

Prize Pool
Each winner will recieve 1 (random) of the following:

White Streamdeck+ & Coloured Dials Bundle

4 Echo Displates

Secret Lab Titan Horde Gaming Chair

Starforge Systems - Horizon II Ultra

Echo Merch Bundle

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