Star Citizen: Mustang Alpha STAR (N/A)

Snow John

Your Entries:


Win this starter pack* with an Origin 100i**

Also contains:

Self-Land Hangar

Starting Money


Star Citizen Digital Download

*You must have a Star Citizen account to use this pack.
Create your account for free at the RSI webpage (hit the link):

** It will be a Mustang Alpha with an upgrade to the Origin 100i if the pack is not available.  

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

An additional Starter Pack with a Mustang Alpha will be drawn each 30 subs per month on my twitch channel.

We will draw 2 lucky winners for this giveaway because we hit 30 subs in twitch. Thanks for the support. If we hit again 30 we will have 3 lucky winners. 

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