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10,000,000 FNT Giveaway!

Try your luck in the second, more massive test Giveaway from the Falcon Project!

Fulfill all the conditions of Giveaway and get a chance to receive your 1/50 part of 10,000,000 FNT tokens directly to your ETH wallet.

Attention! Be sure to specify only your personal ETH wallet with the ability to manually add an erc20 token. Do not use an exchange wallet.

About us:

Falcon Project it's a ecosystem which includes two completely interchangeable blockchains. The first chain is an ERC-20 token located on the Ethereum blockchain. The second chain is the Falcon blockchain, which allows optional anonymous transactions. By linking the two together, Falcon Project offers its users the right to choose what suits them best at the moment: speed and convenience or anonymity and privacy.

Falcon FAQ -


The total prize pool is 10,000,000 FNT tokens, which will be evenly distributed among 50 winners who have fulfilled all Giveaway conditions. Each of the 50 winners will receive 200,000 FNT tokens within a few days after summing up the Giveaway results.

Only those participants, who correctly enter their address for accrual and fulfill all the conditions of the contest, can claim to win.

Attention! The administration reserves the right to check all points of giveaway executed by candidates and may veto them if they are inconsistent at the time of the award. Be careful not to delete posts/likes/retweets before summing up the contest to avoid disqualification.

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