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FoxWallet X OpenMeta Cooperation Giveaway

🎉FoxWallet has come through a fantastic year, to celebrate FoxWallet's one-year anniversary and strategic partnership with OpenMeta; OpenMeta and FoxWallet prepared a joint event for everyone. The following year, FoxWallet will keep moving forward with our partners. 🚀

About OpenMeta

The first comprehensive NFT platform that integrates NFT Creation, Primary, Swap, Farming, and Free Airdrop Campaigns

About FoxWallet

As a decentralized mobile wallet, also known as a Self-Custody Wallet, FoxWallet is a user-friendly Web3 entrance built for multi-chain ecosystems.


Nov 14th, 2022 — Oct 18th, 2022 10:00 UTC 


OAT + OpenMeta's Medals + 500USDC NFT Farming Rewards


Anyone who finishes the tasks could free mint an OAT, and will be eligible for OpenMeta's utility-based medals airdrop + 500 USDC or more in NFT farming for all once zkSync mainnet goes live

1. Follow FoxWallet Twitter

2. Follow OpenMeta Twitter

3. Join FoxWallet Discord Server

4. Join OpenMeta Discord Server

5. Join FoxWallet Telegram Group

6. Enter Your zkSync Wallet Address


1. Participates must complete all the tasks to be qualified for the reward.

2. The Mint time is  Nov 18th -  Nov 20th, 2022 10A.M.(UTC) time.

6 Ways to Enter
Follow FoxWallet on Twitter
Follow OpenMeta on Twitter
Join FoxWallet Official Group on Telegram
Join FoxWallet Discord Server
Join OpenMeta Discord Server
Please Enter Your zkSync Wallet Address Here