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For INTDESTCOIN Airdrop, The Following Steps Are Considered, Based On The Completion Of The Steps, You Will Receive A Coin Reward. After Completing The Following Steps, Enter The Address Of Your Ethereum Or BSC Wallet So That The Coins Will Be Transferred To Your Account After The Airdrop Time Is Over.


  • Subscribe to Newsletter and┬áEnter name:┬áStart┬áAirdrop┬á5 Coin
  • Subscribe to INTDEST YouTube: 10 Coin┬á
  • Follow and like C.A.K INTDEST social: 10 Coin┬á
  • Join INTDESTCOIN Group & Discord: 10 Coin
  • Refer Friends for Extra Entries: 35 Coin
  • The reward for completing Airdrops: 30┬áCoin
  • In total, by completing the airdrop, you will receive┬á100 Coins.
  • Special prize 1:┬á20,000$┬áEthereum as INTDEST grand prize
  • Special prize 2: 1000 wallets will receive 80% ICO discount
  • Special prize 3:┬á1000 wallets┬áwill receive┬á5000 INTDESTCOIN

Supported wallets :

 MetaMask , MyEtherWallet , Trust Wallet , Binance Wallet

13 Ways to Enter
Enter your first and last name
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Watch & Like INTDESTCOIN introduction Teaser
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Join INTDESTCOIN Group on Telegram
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Refer Friends for Extra Entries
Ethereum address (MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, Binance Wallet)
Complete All of the Steps Above

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