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michael p.

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Princess micah S.

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Sara yu Kong

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🎁Early Access to SpaceXpanse: Sol platform🎁

You will be one of the first to explore the alpha version of  SpaceXpanse's virtual Solar system. Do the steps below to be among the winners.  And come back every day to increase your chances. 
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5 Early Access Slots

➡️ For more about SpaceXpanse: Sol Metaverse platform watch the whole YouTube video  from step one with subtitles on.

SpaceXpanse is Next-Gen Trustless Blockchain Metaverse and NFT Platform, tailor-made for development of games and other complex decentralized applications /dApps/ but also for a convenient creation of immersive user experience, so it can:

● Create, store and transact ROD coins, the main SpaceXpanse digital currency.
● Allow creation of Trustless Accounts - record and transfer names in the blockchain.
● Provide secure storage of Data in the blockchain.
● Create Virtual Currencies - allows minting and trading of tokens.
● Create other Virtual Assets (NFTs) - storage, ownership and management.
● Much more to come..

➡️ To get some RODs every day, visit daily the faucet from step four here and look for ROD on the list.

For much more info, go to our
For our current progress, check out our YouTube channel:  SpaceXpanse ROD
..or come on Discord to stay updated:

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