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1K Follower RAFFLE GIVEAWAY - 5k PHP worth

- Ensure you are a follower of our social medias, you can check our list here.
- Ensure you have atleast a SHARER badge (start sharing now).
- Watch our LIVE STREAMs as we give away SECRET CODEs (10 each day) which allows you to gain more entries everyday, each CODE is worth two (2) entries. The SECRET CODE will pop up RANDOMLY on the LIVE STREAM. 
- CODES are first come first serve basis (FASTEST Fingers FIRST).
- The SECRET CODE can be unlocked below after fulfilling the 4 mandatory entries.

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1 Grand Prize or SPLIT to 3, 80% to 1st, 20% to 2nd and 5% to 3rd prize?
What Prize do you want, an ITEM or COLD CASH? Worth 5000 PHP