1st Place (3 EOS, 1000 TPT, EOS Account Code)


2nd Place (2 EOS, 500 TPT, EOS Account Code)


3rd Place (1 EOS, 250 TPT, EOS Account Code)


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Team Pocket Giveaway

Team Pocket is a fun focused Telegram group to support Token Pocket.

We will be hosting mini-games, quizzes, contests and giveaways to win a variety of great prizes, which may include but not limited to: EOS account codes, NFT'S & collectibles, a variety of cryptocurrencies like EOS, ETH, IOST, BOS, ENU, Jingtum, MOAC and more. All of this will be accessible from either our Telegram group at or through dAPP's on the Token Pocket app. 

      This Giveaway is created, ran and hosted by TeamPocket, prizes are sponsored by Tenblo and TokenPocket. Please direct all contest related questions to the TeamPocket Telegram group, and all TokenPocket app, desktop and platform questions through the TokenPocket support channels found below.

TokenPocket is the largest multi-blockchain wallet built on #EOS #ETH #IOST #TRON #COSMOS #BOS #BINANCE and etc.


•Create EOS/IOST/BOS account through PayPal.

•Supports 2200+ dapps built on EOS/TRON/IOST/ETH/BOS.

•An open-source project and all the private keys are stored in the local device.

How to Download TokenPocket

For Android users:

•Get it on Google Play.

•Download the APK on our website.

For iOS users:

•"For iOS users, please get the Pro version if you want to play Dapps on the mobile since the Dapp browser has been removed on the App Store version." 

Pro version>

For PC users:

•We support the Windows & macOS system.


Token Symbol: TPT

Token Contract: eosiotptoken


White Paper: Under editing, it will be released soon.

About the TPT burning plan

TokenPocket Foundation will execute the program from June 1 officially — using 25% of the revenue last month to repurchase TPT and burn it. (TPT burn address: tpburningacc)

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