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🎉Metaoasis X Metagauge Partnership Event🎉

⏰Event Duration:  Nov 25th 18:00 KST - Dec 2st 21:59 KST

Reward : Metagauge Airdrop : 5 / OG :15 /  WL : 20


✅ What is Metaoasis?

  The Meta Oasis platform is about to develop a "growth together" system that aims to foster co-growth between users and systems, such as an environment in which participants can enjoy entertainment content.

The ultimate goal is to make it easier for users to operate and sustainably use the platform, thereby generating a greater value and developing a healthy, sustainable metasystem.

✅ What is Metaguage?

🚙  Metagauge is a Dapp Platform that provides Mobility to Earn services based on

decentralized Mobility Location (GPS) data.

🚢The domestic mobility data industry is just beginning. Mobility data will create numerous values in many industries, including insurance, logistics, and E-commerce. So far, web2.0 mainstream has not been compensated for mobility data for end users.

⛵ ️ Metagauge is a reward app that secures and rewards users' mobility data. It is a project that will expand the industry and make the ecosystem stable using mobility data.

Metagauge requires a lot of mobility data. The user supplies mobility data to the metagauge, and the metagauge rewards the utility token, ROD, as a reward. Metagauge allows users to secure NFT without NFT sales.

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