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New Year Greetings Video Event

Hi $KOMmunity !!! We are thrilled to announce another event for New Year Greetings!!!

Thank you for your tremendous support. And as you all know that New Year of 2022 will be coming, so we will make a movement by creating a New Year Greetings Video from all over the world for $KOMmunity.

You can be featured on Kommunitas Video and we will be giving out 50,000 KOM to 10 people as the rewards.

Last Submission : 24 December 2021 (5PM UTC).

Video Making Rules.

- Wardrobe: Business attire or smart casual

- Hair: Styled and neat

- Ladies Make up: Light / Natural makeup, or use video apps with makeup filters 


- Home office setting or home setting

- Neat, clean, Not cluttered 

- Avoid backlit windows (you'll look dark if your background is backlit) 



- Close Up, or shoulder and above

- Try to take under good lighting 


- Say Greetings and “Happy New Year KOMmunity From (Your Country) Once.

- Use your mother language from your country

- Example for Korean : Annyeonghaseyo hangug-eseo saehae bog manh-i bad-euseyo 

- Example from Singapore : Hello, Happy New Year KOMunity, from Singapore

- Normal speed and cheerful expression

- Smiling and happy

- Maximum Video Duration : 6 seconds

Submit the video here : Google Form

You are not eligible if you don't submit a video

3 Ways to Enter
Retweet New Year Greetings Video Event and TAG 3 Friends
Visit Website/URL
Refer Friends for Extra Entries