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KOM x Outer Ring MMO

Outer Ring MMO


A Player Driven Economy MMORPG. Outer Ring is an MMORPG video game in a science fiction and fantasy universe based on the economic Play to Earn and Player driven Economy concept.

The business model of the videogame is FREEMIUM. The economic system of the game is based on the so-called PLAY TO EARN, with the possibility to make in-game and off-game purchases through a DEX integrated in the game’s website or through player interaction.

Token Details

Round : Public

Token Symbol : GQ 

Total Supply : 10,000,000,000

Initial Market Cap : $1,050,000

Token Type : BSC

Contract Address : Not Deployed

Token with Tax : No

Token Price at Public : $0.0040

Token Logo 

Last Staking Period : March 2nd, 2022. 3 AM UTC

*Payment in USDC (Polygon), Distribution on BSC

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Telegram GC 

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Details IKO

-Booster 1-

Start : March 2nd, 2022. 9 AM UTC

End : March 2nd, 2022. 1 PM UTC

Price : $0.0040

-Booster 2-

Start : March 2nd, 2022. 1 PM UTC

End : March 2nd, 2022. 5 PM UTC

Price : $0.0040


Start : March 2nd, 2022. 5 PM UTC

End : March 2nd, 2022. 9 PM UTC

Price : $0.0043

Min Buy  : TBD 1 hour before FCFS starts

Max Buy : TBD 1 hour before FCFS starts

Target Raise ( USD/Token ) : $100,000 / 25,000,000

Distri Date : TBA

Vesting : 10% TGE - 10 months linear vesting

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