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Dungeons & Banano: Banano Giveaway #2!

Imagine what happens when you take the fantastic TTRPG world of D&D, and fuel it with the power of potassium? You get Dungeons and Banano! A D&D inspired project with a twist of cryptocurrency! 

The Dungeons & Banano project comes in many different forms and continues to grow and develop new and exciting ways to bring D&D based activities and events to both the TTRPG and Banano communities. One of the many events that we do is live stream D&D sessions while rewarding the community with Banano and NFT's during the streams!

With that being said, Dungeons & Banano is giving away 10k Banano to a lucky winner! Just follow the steps below to add entries to that you can be given a chance to win! Also be sure to get yourself a "Kalium Wallet" or another banano wallet so that you can receive the reward if you win!

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