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Pisces Dollar (PUSD) Airdrop

Pisces Dollar is an Ethereum Blockchain based Token for Use as a Stable Coin with US Dollar

šŸ’„Pisces DollaršŸ’„
Get your FREE 100 PUSD
šŸ’„BUY Pisces Dollar (PUSD) and Get Gemini Dollar (GUSD)

Terms and conditions of Airdrop Pisces Dollar

1. We will be cheated permanently banned
2. Cheating will not get a prize
3. A minimum of 5 Referrals for Verification

How to Join Airdrop Pisces Dollar?

1. Complete the Task and Get 50 PUSD Free

2. Invite 5 Friends and Get 50 PUSD (10 PUSD / Referral)

3. Post on Your Telegram Channel and Get 100 PUSD (Optional)

Best regards, Pisces Dollar.

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