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21 Days
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$11,940 of subscription tokens to be won!

We are proud to announce the launch of Reewardio's Early Adopter Program!

As of today, we are offering to create ENJ-backed blockchain loyalty programs for brands and retailers around the globe.

To celebrate our Early Adopter Program, we are excited to give away the first official tokenized software licenses (subscription tokens) that will provide access to the open-beta version of our platform in Q2 2020.

What can I do with these tokens?

Once the Reewardio platform reaches open beta, the owners of these tradable tokens will be able to login to Reewardio, link their Enjin Wallet, deposit their prepaid subscriptions, and use them to access our SaaS platform.

With our platform, you can create your own blockchain-powered rewards program using our click-through wizard.

Open Source to Boost Adoption

We will make our code for ENJ-backed subscription tokens public and open source.

We will also post instructions explaining how and why to create and integrate tokenized licenses into software solutions on the Enjin Forum.

We hope this encourages a new wave of Enjin Adoption within the software development industry.

Why are subscription tokens so valuable?

The Reewardio platform is the most advanced loyalty system in the world.

Just like all reward points, resources, prizes, and discounts minted by brands and retailers using Reeward.io, these subscription tokens will be backed by Enjin Coin.

The 12 tokenized software licenses will provide 1 month of Reewardio's ultimate package (a subscription that will cost $955 on Reeward.io)

The token will be fully tradable, and the winner of this competition will be able to sell it freely via stores like the Enjin Marketplace.

You will be one of the first people to own a real-life subscription token!


12  x 1-month subscription tokens up for grabs

400 x The Dawn: Beyond Horizon Founders Tokens to be won

Winning entries will be selected at random

Entries close: 11th of November

good luck, have fun!

Make sure to provide your ERC-1155 compatible wallet address, that's where the prizes will be sent. If you provide an incompatible address, you won't receive a prize. We highly recommend the Enjin Wallet.

13 Ways to Enter
What is your ETH/ENJ/Collectibles Address from your Enjin Wallet.
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