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Splinterlands & Giveaway

Welcome to our latest giveaway! This time, we have 30 Untamed card packs and 30 random in-game cards for 50 Winners.

Based on the Steem Blockchain, Splinterlands is a fast-paced TCG game with automated card battles. Rather than focusing on what skills to use during the battle, you choose a set of cards based on pre-defined battle rules. This game model is receiving attention from many gamers, including those who don’t play card games due to its fast gameplay and strategy elements.

Prizes Distribution:

TOP 5 Users in terms of points will win 2 Untamed Packs each!

From 6 to 25 place: 1 Untamed Pack each!

From 26 and below: 1 Random Splinterlands card (30 people)

How to get more points:

Visit daily website through the daily button and receive extra points.

Invite your friends.

Winners will be announced in the telegram community a week after the giveaway ends.

You must complete all steps to become eligible. (except invite feature)

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