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Staking Tutorial Video Contest

Hi $KOMmunity!👋

How are you today? Are you happy today?😙

You know, right now we will bring something that can increase your happiness, you want to know?!

Let's take a peek below😋

Community Presents Staking Video Contest😍

This event is very easy to follow! Make a video tutorial, upload it and complete the task in Givelab!

Wow interesting isn't it? Want to know how much is the prize? Hihihi this is the prize $KOMmunity!

1st: 80,000 $KOM

2nd: 60,000 $KOM

3rd: 40,000 $KOM

There's more, the Community will give 30,000 KOM to 10 lucky people who have completed the Givelab task😍

Check out the Terms & Conditions below👇

1. Make a staking tutorial video like this example, you are also free to create a staking tutorial video according to your creativity! >> Example Video

2. Submitted video is no more than 7 minutes on Youtube platform

3. Copy the link and put the link in the task provided in Givelab!

4. Complete the Givelab task and don't forget to invite your friends

End Date: 16th July 2022

Distribution Date: 15th August 2022

Come on, join and win the prize, okay👌

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