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Tectonic Alpha Launch Whitelist Event

Don’t miss your chance to take part in our Tectonic Alpha Launch event and get rewarded.

Complete a series of tasks below to earn raffle tickets. The more tasks you complete, the more raffle tickets you will earn, giving you a higher chance to be selected for the whitelist. We will only be whitelisting 500 wallets to take part in the Tectonic Alpha Launch. 

Whitelisting Period: 30th November 2021 15:00 UTC - 6th December 2021 15:00 UTC

Check out the event details in our medium blogpost.

7 Ways to Enter
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Join Our Discord Server
What is your Cronos Public Wallet Address? (Begins with 0x...)
What is the favourite 4 letter word of all Tectonic Telegram OG members? (in small letters)
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