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Crazy! 10,000 USDT Big Giveaway!

OddsSwap is decentralized and non-custodial,

making it the best and safest way to bet online.

Take a bet on the future and join the world’s first

Plug & Play Sportsbook.

🪂$10,000 Giveaway

OddsSwap has built a partnership with Bee Network

to launch a BIG GIVEAWAY!

With a total worth of $10,000 to share

for the first 10,000 lucky ones,

we'll give $0.1 to $100 in USDT randomly.

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💰Invitation Bonus

OddsSwap will also give FREE 10 $ODS to the

first 10,000 people signing up for OddsSwap account.

Extra 5 $ODS will be rewarded for every new friend

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(Find in > Promotions > Invite $ Earn).

The more you invite, the more $ODS you'll earn!

🏆Invitation Contest

TOP 3 OddsSwap invitation masters of the week

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It's time to make your fortune!

No.1 gets $100

No.2 gets $50

No.3 gets $20

Simply connect your wallet and play!

We’re swapping the odds back in your favour.

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