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Vexareum Cash Airdrop

📣 Vexareum Company Ltd Launch Vexareum Cash 📣

Join Our Airdrop and get 100,000,000 VXRC (Estimate~$10) 🎁

Invite your friends for join our Airdrop and get 25,000,000 VXRC/ Referral (Estimate~$2,5)🎁

Vexareum Succes list on Exchange and CoinGecko
Vexareum Cash Coming Soon Listed Exchange and Listed CoinGecko

You Can Get instant VXRC by Refer Friends on Selfdrops 🎁

You Can Get instant VXRC by Claimed Selfdrop 🎁

5 Ways to Enter
Tweet this on Twitter
Join Group on Telegram
Create Refer Link on Official Website
Refer Friends for Extra VXRC
Enter your Ethereum (ETH) Wallet Address