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🎉Web3 Protocol X Wheatx $WTX Giveaway

A 50,000$ WTX token giveaway is happening, and you can participate in this event and get a share of the total reward pool. 


🎉What is Wheatx🎉

Wheatx token is the main representative of U.S. Wheatx token, who are fighting to secure a brighter future for themselves, their industry, and the broader public by uniting their strengths, voices, and ideas. Make an agreement with farmers and accept the wheat in exchange for a specific sum of money to be used for our trucks. contact those who require wheat and provide at least 2000 families with it in a single season. And to ensure that we assist them, get the wheat to the appropriate individuals, and assist them in preparing their food and obtaining the major component of their meals. Those who require wheat can now buy it directly from farmers using a cryptocurrency token, bypassing the conventional agricultural supply chain.

🎉Airdrop Distribution Process🎉

FCFS 3500 people: - Share  $7.5 $WTX to each 

Random 1500 people: - Share  $7.5 $WTX to each 

Top 1-10 :  Share  $150 $WTX to each  + $30 USDT each

Top 11-50 :  Share  $100 $WTX to each 

Top 50-100 :  Share  $70  $WTX to each 

Top 100-150 :  Share  $40  $WTX to each 

(Extra $1000 USDT for Random 110 winners)

Top 10 Inviter:- Share $300 USDT to all

Random 100 winners:- Share $700 USDT to all

More info : Join telegram announcement

 Winners will announced on next 1-2 days after end of the giveaway

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