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Win A WoW 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Blackwing Lair is back and that can mean only one thing, more epic loot. Get ready to go toe to toe with another old adversary in WoW Classic on 12 February by grabbing some of our awesome loot. We're celebrating the release of this huge new drop in the old school epic that is WoW Classic by giving away three World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition boxes. This is a massive prize retailing at $99.99 and comes crammed with the following items.

Ragnaros Statue

Onyxia Pin

Map of Azeroth Mouse Pad

Fine Art Prints

30 Days Game Time

Alabaster Mounts

You can check out the box set at

We're giving away two of these stunning statues and their associated items right here. All you have to do is follow the entry steps below and ready up for your chance to win. Do note, you'll have to be in the US to enter this raid and we are holding back one box of loot especially for twitter. So get in now and follow us on Twitter to double down on those chances to win.

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