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RVG ThanksGaming Giveaway!

It's that time of year again! Halloween has spooked for another year, and Christmas is on the mind! BUT WAIT! You can't just skip Thanksgiving! The Turkey, the awkward familial conversations, the lingering sense of regret and shame as you meet the same relative you still don't fully know for the nth time! To celebrate, we're having our "RVG Thanksgiving Giveaway!"

The winner(s) will receive choice of a copy of "Jedi : Fallen Order", "Death Stranding", "ModernWarfare", or "Pokemon Sword or Shield"!

We had a great turnout during the Halloween Giveaway, and we greatly appreciate the support you've all shown! We would love to amp up the prize pool, but need that continued support to do so! The more subscriptions we can get through this Giveaway, the more prizes we can dish out, and THE HIGHER YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING!

***Please read the rules to learn more in regards to process and prizes!***
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