Logitech C920 HD 1080P Webcam (99.99)

Gabrielius Malakauskas

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Team Manic - C920 HD 1080P Webcam Giveaway

Team Manic is hosting a C920 HD 1080P Webcam Giveaway - We're all about uniting viewers and content creators/streamers in helping one another. Join our discord @ We're a gaming hub - your one stop FREE shop for all of your gaming needs. We provide assistance with setting up your very first stream, configuring your stream settings, configuring your recording settings, helping promote your socials, and much more. We have various sections to where YOU can promote YOURSELF for FREE. There's no catch; we even offer sponsorship's for growing streamers who want to Partner with Team Manic. It's simple. Join our discord, ask for help, chat about games, provide tips and guidance to others. Let's give back to the gaming community as a whole. #TeamManic

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