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WAX-MAS Door 2: Crittercraft

WAX-MAS door two proudly presents: Crittercraft

Collect, trade and craft wild critters on the wax blockchain!  CritterCraft is a collaboration between veteran web game developers Chaz ( and Gaz ( The goal is to combine item and critter cards to create increasingly rare and interesting critters. Will you be the first person to craft a new Mythic Critter? Join the CritterCraft Discord Server for news, contests and to take part in our drops!

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  • 25x Marlow Sticker
  • 25x  Roadmap Sticker

Participation Rules:

  • must enter a valid wax address to be eligable to win
  • no multi accounting allowed 
  • must own one NFT from any of the participating collections on the WAX-MAS Calendar

More Info:

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