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1st Public Player NFT Sale | Whitelist

Welcome to Zoker's first NFT Player Sale!

We are very pleased to announce that we are opening an opportunity for our community to join our first NFT Sale.

By participating you’ll be running for one of the 500 whitelist spots available for our upcoming Player NFT Sale.

👉 Each user will be able to purchase 1 individual Player NFT.

👉 Each Player NFT will have a special price of 2.68 SOL and will have improved base stats (you start as a level 5 player) and a permanent energy bonus, which will give our early adopters a head start when the game is launched.

There are 6 ways to improve your chances of joining the Whitelist:

1- Follow us on Twitter

2- Tweet other people to join

3- Join our Discord Server

4- Enter your Solana Wallet Address

5- Refer a friend

6- Completion Bonus

For more information about Zoker please check out our whitepaper at

6 Ways to Enter
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